• A Prayer For Our Fathers

    Heavenly Father, Today we ask You to bless our earthly fathersfor the many times they reflected the love, strength, generosity, wisdom and mercy th...
  • If God Already Has a Plan for Me, Why Should I Pray?

    God is all-knowing. He knows who we are and what we're capable of. He knows the circumstances around us. He knows what we want and what we need. And He knows His plan for our lives and how to best accomplish that plan. So why pray? Specifically, why pray with requests (supplication)? If He's going to do what He's going to do anyway, why even give input?
  • Who is the Holy Spirit?

    Many people misunderstand the identity of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is commonly thought of as an impersonal force. Some people think of it as a healing or protective power to which God gives a believer access. But what does the Bible say about the Holy Spirit?