We are a group of young people. After hearing God’s words, our lives were changed. The worldly life cannot satisfy us, rather we want to devote our lives to serve our Lord God.

“For the earth will be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.” This is one of our favorite Bible Verses. With this vision, we start our company CM Incubator, which means Christian Media Incubator.

We set our first step on social media. This era is an era of media, people connect with each other on social media and receive information from social media. Thinking about people are flooded with tons of meaningless information, we created five Christian Facebook Pages. Through these pages, we want to offer information that can quench the thirst of people’s soul. (Pages we have: Gospel of Jesus, Walk with God, Follow Jesus, Christian Video, and Meek Ever.)

Then we found that if we only had Facebook Pages, a lot of good content would just disappear on the timeline. Why couldn’t we build a storage like Joseph? So we established a website called FaithTrend. We collected good information and uploaded to this website, and users can also upload their own information. We hope this website can develop into a big Christian community—Christians can share with each other, and non-Christians also can know the daily life of Christians.

The next thing we do is to build this product website. On the one hand, we need financial support to continue our mission since we do not have any income. On the other hand, we want to spread the Gospel and glorify God through these products. We are focusing on T-shirts and customized Bible verse shirts. Even though a simple T-shirt, we choose proper Bible Verses and Quotes carefully and design deliberately.

One day, our designer shared a story. She said, “Maybe one day a person who wears our T-shirt eats in a restaurant, a depressed person on the nearby table, is encouraged by the words printed on his T-shirt. I am so glad my job can be used by God.” This is the motivation of all our works.