Bethlehem Star Sterling Silver Necklace - Artisan Handcrafted - Limited Edition

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Design Inspiration:

The star atop the Christmas tree, also known as the Bethlehem Star, symbolizes hope for the future, hence it's also called the Star of Hope. Combined with the cross, it signifies hope that comes from Christ.

  • Dimensions:   Pendant: 3cm*1.3cm     Chain Length: 45cm
  • Weights:   Pendant: 1.42g      Chain: 2.45g
  • Craftsmanship:  Handcrafted     Platinum plated
  • Materials:    925 Sterling Silver     Coating: Platinum

We hope for our connection to be more than a transaction but a transmission of love.


    • Avoid chemicals, cosmetics or wet environments
    • Refrain from pulling or stretching the silver chain forcefully to avoid breakage
    • Wear it as often as possible. When you are not wearing it for an extended period, please store it in a sealed container.