Leave Behind in Faith

Written by Meek Ever


Posted on January 12 2019

Leave Behind in Faith

(Matthew 4:18-22) 

The beginning of faith is leaving behind.

Jesus left behind the throne of heaven.

Peter and Andrew left behind the nets.

John and James left behind their fathers.


What would they want to gain by leaving behind?

Jesus gained our lives.

Peter and Andrew gained the nets for men.

John and James gained the heavenly Father.

Faith is the way to gain bigger things through leaving behind.

It is the way to find something more valuable through sacrifice.


Jesus said to Peter, “Follow me, and I will make you a fisher of men”,

Peter immediately left behind the nets and followed Jesus.

At once.

This is Peter’s greatness.

He was a pure and simple man.

He did not analyze when the Lord called him. 

What will I get?

Is the future guaranteed?

He did not think about these.

At once he believed, immediately left behind the nets he had, and immediately followed Jesus.

He is showing what true faith is.

True faith is a simple belief.

True faith is immediate obedience.

These are too difficult for modern people.  


The principle of faith is the same in ancient times and now.

We can learn the most important core of faith from Peter.

It is to believe in the Lord, absolutely.

It is to believe that the good God prepares all things.

Even though I am asked to leave behind what I have, I must absolutely believe that there is a greater reason.

God is the absolute God.

Our faith must also be absolute faith.

God is a rewarding God.

Those who believe this can leave behind today.

And we will surely experience that the abandonment comes with the great gain of tomorrow.

The beginning of faith is leaving behind

But we will find that the end is a bigger gain.


by Borah Lin



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