I Am Your Disciple

Written by Meek Ever


Posted on January 11 2019

I Am Your Disciple

(Matthew 4:18-22)

Yesterday, and the day before yesterday, my day was the same.

My job was a fisherman.

In order to live, I had to lower the nets.

And fight against the rough waves.

The same work that my father did and my grandfather did.

This same work to do until dying

Fishing work that fatefully came down

There was nothing I could do to make a living.

This lowly work. The despised work.

No one respects and wants to do.

That was my job.


“God, will there be another chance of life for me?”

“I want to live a life other than a lowly fisherman.”

“If you are the master of humans and want to change my life, you can change it, can’t you?”

I could not do anything but pray like this.


One day, a great opportunity came to me.

The Son of God came to me in a very ordinary way.

His appearance was ordinary, but his words were extraordinary.

“Follow me. I will make you a fisher of men”

That gave me new hope.

It sounded like a word coming down from heaven.

“A fisher of men”

It was the answer to my prayer from God.

It was a leap of life.


To me who was catching fish, He suggested other work.

To me who lived only seeking money, He made me see something else.

He commanded to be a fisherman who catches dying souls.

He introduced me a new job to save people.

“You can live with a different image”

The moment you chose me

The moment you called me

My life has changed so amazingly.

I have become your disciple.

I became the first disciple of you, the Christ of life.


O, Lord.

I cannot bear this glory.

Your grace is too great for me.

I am no longer a fisherman of Galilee.

I am your disciple.


by Borah Lin



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    I love the quote. I am your disciple really touched my heart. It means so much to me and I feel that Jesus really touched with those words. He put tears to my eyes and 💓.

    My husband to be is a Christian who also loves Jesus. And I know he would feel the same way. Please pray for us to get married. I need to know Jesus has the approval. Phillip Vasilis is his name. He is a wedower age 56 and I am 66 years of age. Thank you for your kindness ❤️.

    Posted by Gladys Cruz | August 28, 2019
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