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Creative Little Designers of God

Recently, we had a small product exhibition in one seminary school in California.

(we had a small product exhibition)

Students there are fond of our T-shirt designs and the most popular product is our stickers! 

(the most popular product is our stickers)

There was an unexpected surprise from God during the exhibition. One girl came to me with a sweet smile and asked me for a paper and pen to draw. She looked very urgent, and it seemed that she couldn't help drawing out what had inspired her in her mind.

I couldn't find any paper for her at that time, only some tissues. She got the tissues and kept drawing. 

(She got the tissues and kept drawing)

The first design she finished and gave to me is "God will make a way". That's the best seller design in Meek Ever! She smiled at me and said, "I just saw your T-shirts, and draw this one."

(God will make a way: She really knows that God makes a way for us through the cross!)

She went back to the sofa and continued. One after another, she came to me and delivered me her new designs. I was so surprised by her creative and biblical ideas and very happy to invite her to join our design team one day!

(Christ is born!)
(Love of Bible)
(He is strong; God's love is sweeter than candy; Fear the Lord; Jesus rescues)

Another young girl together with her recommended us to make candy jars named "God's love is sweet"! So wonderful ideas and amazing little designers of God!

(God's love is sweet)
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