A Rich Man and Lazarus

Written by Meek Ever


Posted on January 13 2019

A Rich Man and Lazarus

(Luke 16:19-31)


Lazarus was a beggar when he was alive.

The rich man lived so luxuriously when he was alive.

However, when they died, their positions completely changed.

The beggar goes to the high place.

The rich went to the low place.


The status of this world did not guarantee the place of that world.

The rich did not know when he was still alive.

He absolutely believed that he was living so well.

He thought that there was nothing wrong with his life.

However, now he so much regrets and regrets in this burning hell.


How could I have lived so foolishly without knowing that I would be coming to this kind of place?

How could I ignore the voice of the prophets that was heard to me?

How did I live without knowing that such a luxurious life is useless in the end?


The moment of judgment that must be received at least once.

This eternal position that can never be changed once it is decided.

It is useless to regret my ignorance now.

No matter how much I cry, it is of no use.


But for Lazarus, a totally different life was waiting.

It was a life that was despised and treated with contemptuously on earth.

It was a miserable life that even the dogs despised.

But now he has eternal comfort in the eternal world.


How could his life become so different?

Are we going to heaven only if we live as a beggar?

That does not mean that.

It means that even though he lived a beggar-like life, he knew that there was God.

He absolutely believed that God was there.

This was a very simple reason for him to receive the eternal reward.

Every moment, he lived without forgetting this.

This is never easy.


We say we believe in God,

but there are so many times we forget about this simple fact that God is overlooking me every moment.

I think in my way and live my way.

How should we live?

We must focus on God and live.

That is what guarantees the life of heaven.

No matter how hard you live on this earth,

you should never miss God.

Because it is a life that guarantees the eternal world.


by Borah Lin



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