Some interesting speculation on an order of 5 tank tops

Written by Katherine Guo


Posted on February 01 2018

On last Saturday, a customer ordered 5 tank tops. One of my colleagues said she could wear a different tank top every day from Monday to Friday, and another one said did she want to wear “Emmanuel Love” for the whole summer? After hearing their talking, I also wondered why she ordered 5 tank tops at once? We may get some clue if we check the product she picked carefully.

This is her order:

These five are:

Through his blood I am saved (I am loved, saved, blessed, redeemed through the blood of Jesus)

Pray until something happens

Proverbs 17:22 (A cheerful heart is a good medicine)

Pray Praise Preach Practice

Jesus loved me(I fell in love with Jesus because he loved me when I couldn’t even love myself)

I guess she would choose the tank tops according to her situation. If she is facing something difficult, she can wear “Pray until something happens”. If she is a little down or she is sick, she can wear “Proverbs 17:22-A cheerful heart is a good medicine”. If she is a little bit unconfident or she feels lonely, she can wear “Jesus loved me”. If she wants to meditate deeply on God’s salvation, she can wear “Through his blood I am saved”. “Pray Praise Preach Practice” is a more general one.

Isn’t it wonderful that whatever situation you are in, God’s words are always there to comfort you, encourage you, give you strength and remind you the love of God? Would you want a Shirt like this?



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